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I reached out to Tim from ChampCars when I wanted to find an SUV for my wife.  I was having a terrible time navigating the market for the specific vehicle we wanted and the prices were far to much.  A friend told me about ChampCars and they said the experience and the pricing were great.  I had three calls with Tim about the specifics of the vehicle and within a day he sent me a list of auction vehicles that matched my specifics exactly.  We decided on one of them and within a day we had bought the vehicle.  Not only was it exactly what we wanted but the price was over $5000 less than anything we had seen.  Tim handled all aspects of the purchase including delivery and it was a seamless, easy experience that saved us thousand of dollars. I would certainly recommend ChampCars to anyone looking to buy a specific used vehicle.

Chris N. | Flipout Academy, Inc. & Flipout, LLC.