Is ChampCars an Auto Broker?

No. Typically, auto brokers rely on dealerships inventory to purchase a vehicle on your behalf. Brokers often receive a commission from that dealership. Quite often, a conflict of interest. ChampCars *IS* the dealer. Champion Automotive Remarketing Solutions LLC is a registered Automobile Dealer in the State of New York.

Can I finance?

Yes! ChampCars has partnered with several lenders to get you the most competitive financing available. We can discuss your requirements in more detail during your FREE Consultation.

Why is delivery free?

If your vehicle is located out of town, there may be transportation charges to get it to ChampCars. There is no charge however, to deliver your "new" car to you!

How long does it take?

It can vary. Depending on how quickly ChampCars locates your car. Once its located and purchased, a week to ten days is common.

Do you have an Exchange Policy?

ChampCars makes every effort to keep the process as transparent as possible. You will be making critical decisions during the sourcing process. In the event there is a defect not discovered in our due diligence, you may be eligible to exchange the vehicle for a comparable model.

What is the Sourcing Fee?

Finding your vehicle can be labor intensive. We could find it in a day and sometimes it can take two weeks or longer. We could look at dozens of vehicles before we find your car. If you wish to take advantage of the savings with ChampCars exclusive buying process, ChampCars charges a $49 dollar sourcing fee. The fee gets credited back to you when we consummate the deal.

Pay Sourcing Fee

What is the deposit for?

When your vehicle is purchased. ChampCars charges your account an initial deposit. The deposit represents a good faith gesture and covers a portion of costs to purchase and deliver the vehicle to you. The deposit is calculated at 15% of the purchase price. Balance will be due on delivery.

What about Taxes, Title and Registration?

On your behalf, ChampCars takes care of the NYS sales tax, processes your new title documents and registers your vehicle with the DMV.

What types of payment does ChampCars accept?

ChampCars accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Certified Check, Bank Draft, ACH

How are ChampCars prices so low?

ChampCars sources our vehicles directly from auctions utilizing the latest technology. ChampCars streamlined operating process allows us to run extremely efficient. Passing all those savings on to you!

Is there incentive if I recommend a relative or friend to ChampCars?

Yes! ChampCars  Refer-a-Friend Program  Refer a relative or friend to ChampCars. Make sure they mention you during the FREE Consultation. Once they purchase and take delivery, ChampCars sends you $100 bucks! Get Started Here.



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I just wanted to thank Tim (ChampCars) for the fantastic work he did finding my son the exact car we were looking for. He was so great to work with throughout the entire process. I know where I’ll be going for our next car.

Niel M. | Amherst, NY